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headlightsLP_coverSIDE A
1. days
2. headlights
3. north marine drive
4. dragon

1. I pray for you
2. I can’t live alone
3. sea we swim
4. the son bird

recorded by Hirano Eiji and Arai Satoru at Studio Happiness in August 2017
mixed by Tanaka Akiyoshi
mastered by Nakamura Soichiro, Peace Music
re-edited by Ogawa Shin’ichi
original artwork and photographs by Emori Takeaki
redesign by Naotoshi Takabayashi, 428graffi
produced by Ogawa Shin’ichi
all songs written by sugar plant
lyrics by Shoyama Chinatsu
except “north marine drive” by Ben Watt

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2022/03 HMV record shop (JPN)[HRLP243] 3,630yen (tax in)

KISS WITH YOU EP / asuka ando x BUSHMINDSide A. Kiss With You
Side B. Dub With You ( sugar plant Dub Remix )

7" vinyl
Music & lyrics by asuka ando
Produced by Bushmind
Side A mixed by Naoya Tokunou
Side B dub remixed by sugar plant
All songs mastered by Naoya Tokunou
Vocal recorded by e-mura at Bim-One Studio
Collarged by Killiman jah low works
Designed by Leeget


pino e.p.1.happy
2. rise

10" vinyl
recorded at GOK Sound,Tokyo. Oct.'97.
designed by Tetsuya Ohishi & sugar plant

1997/12 Wonder Release (JPN)[WRR-100]

licorice1. licorice
2. saudade

7" vinyl
recorded at On Air Okubo,Tokyo. Oct.'96

1997/02 World Domination UK (UK)

window pane1.window pane

7" vinyl
recorded in Tokyo.1993.
photo by Shin'ichi Ogawa
designed by Yuko Fujita

1995/04 Sunday Records (USA)

cloudy1. cloudy
2. not so good

7" vinyl
recorded at Beapot Studio,Tokyo. Dec.'93.
designed by Eye Noise

1994/10 Pop Narcotic (USA)

orange filter1. orange filter
2. cakes on the shelf

7" vinyl
recorded at Beapot Studio and Studio Light Stuff, Japan.
May '93 to July '94.
photo by Shin'ichi Ogawa
designed by Yuko Fujita

1994/06 A Turntable Friend Records (Germany)