LITTLE DARLA HAS A TREAT FOR YOU Volume1, Summer 1995"shiny blue dead fish"収録。
「cage of the sun e.p.」(Wonder Release)のシークレットトラックと同じものです。

1995 Darla Records (USA)[DARLA 010]

window pane1.window pane

7" vinyl
recorded in Tokyo.1993.
photo by Shin'ichi Ogawa
designed by Yuko Fujita

1995/04 Sunday Records (USA)

hiding place1. slowdown
2. in a way
3. orange filter
4. fragile
5. route 128
6. hiding place
7. all alone
8. wonder wheel
9. cakes on the shelf
10. summer days
11. not so good*
12. sorry*
13. venus*
*bonus tracks

total time 44:22 without bonus tracks.
all songs by sugar plant except "sorry" by Galaxie 500 and "venus" by Verlaine.
recorded May '93 to July '94 in Tokyo.
cover photo by Manuel Alvarez Bravo

2003/07 Wonder Release [UKWR-004] (JPN)*"hiding place+cage of the sun e.p."2枚組CDで再発
1995/02 Pop Narcotic (USA), Wonder Release [WRR-29] (JPN)

cloudy1. cloudy
2. not so good

7" vinyl
recorded at Beapot Studio,Tokyo. Dec.'93.
designed by Eye Noise

1994/10 Pop Narcotic (USA)