licorice1. licorice
2. saudade

7" vinyl
recorded at On Air Okubo,Tokyo. Oct.'96

1997/02 World Domination UK (UK)

The Basement Recordings- Live At Cicero's"my spanish boots"のアメリカ・ライブ録音を収録。

1997 On The Clock Records (USA)[OTC-01]

trance mellow1.trance mellow
2. impure
3. saudade
4. i was you
5. meadow

total time 50:00
all songs by sugar plant.
recorded at On Air Okubo,Tokyo. Oct.'96.
artwork by Tetsuya Ohishi & sugar plant

2018/05 tremolo records (JPN)[TRERD101]*ライナーノーツ、レコーディングノーツ、歌詞対訳付きで限定CD再発
1996/12 Pony Canyon (JPN)[PCCA-01047]

after after hours1. a guide
2. #4
3. licorice
4. here rain comes
5. behind the door
6. drifting
7. I hate morning
8. microwaves
9. synapse
11. blanc
12. brazil

total time 55:09
all songs by sugar plant except "brazil" by Ary Barroso.
recorded and mixed by Adam "Red" Lasus and J.Cox at Studio Red,Philadelphia. Apr.'96
artwork by sugar plant & Tetsuya Ohishi

1997/03 World Domination (USA)
1996/08 Pony Canyon [PCCA-00998] (JPN)