trance mellow1.trance mellow
2. impure
3. saudade
4. i was you
5. meadow

total time 50:00
all songs by sugar plant.
recorded at On Air Okubo,Tokyo. Oct.'96.
artwork by Tetsuya Ohishi & sugar plant

2018/05 tremolo records (JPN)[TRERD101]*ライナーノーツ、レコーディングノーツ、歌詞対訳付きで限定CD再発
1996/12 Pony Canyon (JPN)[PCCA-01047]

after after hours1. a guide
2. #4
3. licorice
4. here rain comes
5. behind the door
6. drifting
7. I hate morning
8. microwaves
9. synapse
11. blanc
12. brazil

total time 55:09
all songs by sugar plant except "brazil" by Ary Barroso.
recorded and mixed by Adam "Red" Lasus and J.Cox at Studio Red,Philadelphia. Apr.'96
artwork by sugar plant & Tetsuya Ohishi

1997/03 World Domination (USA)
1996/08 Pony Canyon [PCCA-00998] (JPN)

cage of the sun e.p.1. purple bike
2. my spanish boots
3. cage of the sun
4. N.I.T.A.
5. turn it on
6. polar bear
7. shiny blue dead fish*
*secret track

total time 31:46 without secret track.
all songs by sugar plant except "N.I.T.A." by young marble giants and "turn it on" by flaming lips.
recorded at Darron's Cold Room,Boston. Apr.'95. except "purple bike" and "turn it on" at On Air Studio,Tokyo. Nov.'95.
photo by Enoki. designed by sugar plant & Hajime Shimizu

2003/07 Wonder Release [UKWR-004] (JPN) *"hiding place+cage of the sun e.p."2枚組CDで再発
1996/02 Pop Narcotic (USA), Wonder Release [WRR-33](JPN)

WHIRL-WHEELSThe Magnetic Fieldsのカヴァー"Lonely Highway"を収録。

1996 Shelflife Records (USA)[LIFE 001]